Sugarplum Party 14.

I sure am blessed with the most amazing job. Not only do I work with these ladies on Saturdays, but I have the privilege of also calling them my friends; such a rare treasure in todays world. My boss mentioned during her speech how unusual it is to have women not just get along, but genuinely enjoy the company of each other. And she's so right. Women have this terrible tendency to tear each other down at times, especially in a work place. I can honestly say at sugarplums that we practice the exact opposite. I always leave my job at the end of the day feeling encouraged, loved, and appreciated by at least one co-worker. We all come from different walks of life, but at work we all get along like we were cut from the same cloth. Its amazing! Its like the differences that don't matter are irrelevant, and the ones that do matter (you know, the subtle differences that make us all unique) are valued and respected. I adore these women, and I am so thankful for their fellowship. And also for the examples my two wonderful bosses have set for me. Their creativity, intelligence, and giving hearts are truly inspiring. May God continue to bless these women and this wonderful business. And may God bless anyone reading this. I hope you all have the Merriest Christmas with good food and lots of good ole fashion family Christmas fun!;) (had to throw in a Clark Griswold saying. ha!)

Just a couple pics!:)


Donna and her faces! ha I could make a whole album of it

Family Feud! the warehouse girls against the older girls;)

and it spins.

Paulas lemon fudge. We all anticipate it every year. Its that good!!

The Lovely Miss Paula. Don't know what I would do without her!

This outfit!!:)