Today in South Africa...

Cape Town

Today in South Africa we ventured out into the city of cape town. Just from a single days adventure I can safely say that I might just be in love with this little place. The scenic view behind me is enough for one to swoon, but the town itself is just a fun little metropolitan area full of beauty, creativity, and history! The history part of this town is something I hope to learn more of as the week progresses, but below are a couple pictures that capture all of those three things...

a normal breakfast for those staying in once in cape town:) 
I love Muesli!

some of the group at breakfast

waterfront at capetown. It may not have been sunny, but true beauty doenst need sunlight 24/7 to highlight its features. I mean look at the view!

We stopped in at the market at Victoria and Albert Waterfront. I didn't even make it past the first booth before I started ordering food. haha. seriously, this was the second booth that was in the market. they were fruit smoothies with fresh mint leaves and local yoghurt. mmm...divine!

this was like the 13th booth. Me and my food buddy Rachel shared this delicious Hungarian flatbread pizza. We ordered the variety which came with arugula, salmon, beef, chicken, and veggie!:) All made fresh in front of us:)

My food buddy!

Cape town Candy! They had some awesome candied  cashews

This pizza was the bomb! the crust was made out of butternut squash and seeds. It was then slathered with tomato paste, arugula, avocado, and some other sauce that I could not figure out. But dang it was delicious.

Shopping center at VA waterfront.

Entering the Castle of Good Hope

Gorgeous view from the castle of Table Mountain

Table Mountain

The City of Cape town...according to my camera lens:)