Today in South Africa...

Free Day in Stellenbosch

Today in South Africa we had a free day! After a long trip traveling from prince albert to Stellenbosch, we decided a relaxed day of wine touring would be perfect. This was actually my first wine tour to ever go to, so I don't really have a lot to compare. BUT  this place was pretty awesome. I have to admit, Stellenbosch was worrying me for a minute after the first night when one of our friends had her card stolen at the ATM. A group of men literally played us and stole her card right out from underneath our noses. It was insane. They are quick and they can get anybody! I felt so bad for my friend but quickly realized how much worse things truly could have been. It was a gentle reminder that the real world is still out there and we must always be alert and aware. Thankfully everything was fine and we were able to move on! Waterford Winery created the perfect escape in this city!

Waterford Winery was a little ways out. It wasn't too bad but we had to drive out to the countryside. Once again I was in awe!  Even for their winter, it still had the most gorgeous grass and plants. My mind could only try to fathom what this place would look like in summer. Simply stunning!

Our little guard dog! that's what I call him. You could tell he wasn't really use to people petting him and when Nolan, our bus driver, started walking up they chased him! Nobody was harmed, but it sure made for a comical morning!

Kristin and her orange!

trying to get him to warm up to me. It took a minute, but I got a little reaction after some time!;)

Where they story their wine. The tour guide told us they only use the barrel four times. After that, the flavor is at risk of being lost.

Wine distillery! it was so cool being inside and seeing how something such as wine is mass produced. I have to brag about this place and its clean and sanitary environment. Something that can always be appreciated now a days.

My lovely roommates while in Stellenbosch! love these girls