Today in South Africa...

African Relish
Today in South Africa we traveled to Prince Albert to attend a cooking class at African Relish. It was a long 5 hour drive to prince albert, but man it was worth it! This was our 3rd tour, and although I enjoyed the cultural aspects of the other food tours, this one was probably my favorite for many reasons. To start off, Prince Albert is probably one of the most adorable little towns I have ever seen. After spending four days in a city that never sleeps, I had a special appreciation for Prince Albert and its quaint little town. The first night there I slept like a rock. My poor room mate even feared for my life as she called my name the next morning to make sure I was still breathing! haha It was some good/ much needed sleep.
The second thing I enjoyed about this cooking tour was the comfortable and relaxed environment it provided while getting hands on experience in the kitchen.  As much as I loved Prince Albert and all its countryside glory, I was little intimidated at first. Everything was so nice. I know were not suppose to judge a book by its cover, but that's kind of what I did. However our cooking instructor, gavin, walked in and immediately broke the tension and created an atmosphere of fun learning with a laid back environment. He gave us some cool inside tips also which im pretty excited to put to use back at home!:)
After we cooked our first meal we then sat down to eat. Once again, another thing about this place is the dining atmosphere. There's pictures down below, but they don't even do it justice. I use to always think I was a city girl, but South Africa's countryside has me seriously swooning! It was so peaceful and serene. It was so nice after lunch being able to walk around and just absorb in all its beauty! Some of the group went on a run, while me and a few others strolled the town. We came upon many cool things, but my favorite was the local dairy farm, named Gay's Geurnsey. We were given a short tour inside to see how the different dairy operations worked and then even did a little cheese tasting. My favorite part was seeing the cows on beautiful pastures. The way its suppose to be! After that we headed back to room to get ready for dinner that we had prepped earlier that day. It was a delicious menu consisting of lamb, lentils, creamy potatoes, and apple tarts. If I gained weight at all this trip, I know what is to blame!;) Everything was seriously delicious. I really cant wait to bring what I learned from this cooking lesson home!
Some more pics

Our cooking instructor showing us how to prepare fresh hummus