Today in South Africa...

Garden tours, Farmers Market, and Kirstenbosch
Today in South Africa was a busy one! We visited three different gardens, stopped for lunch at the farmers market, and then visited one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, Kirstenbosch botanical gardens.
We started the morning off by meeting our garden tour guide downtown in the local garden. She was such a genuine and kind hearted individual who has a passion for health and wellness. Her goal is to turn Cape Town into an 'edible city.' Such a lovely dream! I hope she continues to see success in transforming cape town into the healthiest, most delicious little city!;)
The first garden we stopped at in downtown, cape town. The group with Anna and our other tour guides

 The animals here are so friendly! Its like they are just apart of everyday city life:)  This could be the silliest thing ever, but you just don't see this in Memphis! The first pic is me feeding a little one and the second is him coming back for seconds! hehe;)

Trying out this whole edible city thing and eating my way through the first garden. These were peppadew  peppers I was trying out.

 After our 1st garden tour we hopped on the bus and headed to our second garden tour which is pictured above. The most important thing that I have enjoyed about this trip is the fact that we have been given the precious opportunity to see South Africa in a way most will never see, not even some of the locals. This is the perfect example. Here in Tamboerskloof  you will find real people. They are a very small and humble community who are just doing what they have to do to live in this world. They take care of each other and love one another like its their job. The man pictured above takes care of this small garden. From what I learned they have just now started to sell outside their community into more markets.
                          My first time eating edible flower straight from a local garden!

One of the coolest parts about our second garden tour was the man pictured below. His name is derrick and he makes really cool art. like really really cool art. One of the people in our group was touched so much by him and his story that she shed a few tears. I cant blame her. Here is a man living in an old military bunker, sleeping on the floor, and  making beautiful pieces of art out of anything and everything. He isn't doing it for self glorification, but more so out of his intrinsic desire to create and express. how amazing is that? I feel like in our society we are motivated by validation through other people. A sad but true reality. It was such a treasure seeing a man make such beautiful things for himself, not for others. Thank you Derrick for allowing us to see your work. 

Third farm: Cape Town City Farm

Farmers market

After the garden tours, we visited the farmers market. The last picture is a cute sign that caught my eye while walking through the market. A play on words, but also a reminder of a serious problem in our world. Supporting our local communities in creating these edible cities is definitely a step in the right direction to ending these problems. Hunger grow away! 
Say hello to kirstenbosch!! This place was stunning. Its a botanical garden close to Cape town and its full of beauty! Here is the little park where we took a nap and did cartwheels before exploring all of its many wonders:)