Today in South Africa...

Cape Malay Cooking Safari  and Table Mountain

 Today in South Africa we were given a tour of a beautiful little town called Bo-Kaap. It holds some of the most adorable and vibrant homes you will ever see! Apparently its tradition in this town to paint their houses every year based on whatever the new popular color is. How fun is that?? And I thought I was cool because I have a green piano!

The tour guide started off telling us about the history of  Cape town and how the Dutch and British were the main influencers in the design and structures of these homes. It was really cool how she pointed out the tiniest differences in details between the two. I now know the difference between a Dutch style window and a British style window! ;)

We were then given a tour inside a local spice shop. We tasted and smelled some of the most pure/fresh spices I personally have ever seen. I was in hog heaven!! She told us how to cook with them and how to even use some for medicinal purposes. We then walked to the Bo-Kaap family home that would be giving us a personal cooking lesson in Malaysian food. How cool is that??  It was there that we got to see first hand how to incorporate these spices into a lovely traditional Malaysian dish. Our host was so good at instructing us on what to do, but also letting us get our hands dirty and try things for our self. We folded our own samoosas and were even allowed to flavor our dish based on what we had learned in the shop. This is just one more thing from this wonderful city I will never forget. Yet again, another experience of a lifetime!

The lovely woman who welcomed us in our home!

After we finished our lunch we then were sent on our way with recipes and free spices. score! (I cant wait to give these a shot in our own home). We then had to be at the university of cape town for a short lecture and discussion with local RD's in the area. It was very interesting seeing people in this profession and learning how they do things in their own culture. Besides a few differences, there was actually a lot more in common than I thought. We talked about how their  programs were set up and how dietitians practice in the local area. It made for an interesting afternoon with lots of insightful information. After our discussion, we were offered tea and 'crunchies' then headed off to Table Mountain. :)

 Table Mountain is stunning yall! There is seriously not a single picture I took that could truly capture and articulate its beauty. Im finding that's a common problem in South Africa:) So I gave up and had a glass of wine in the cafĂ© while overlooking the view instead. perfect end to a fantastic day.