Apple Picking

Fall is here! Im sure im not the only one jumping for joy over this either. Its so nice to ditch the hot weather for a while and embrace this season and all its fall glory that warrants fun outdoor activities.
One of our favorite things to do in the fall is go apple picking.
Last year was our first year so were still pretty new to it, but im hoping it will be a tradition that will stick around for a while. Believe it or not, apples are actually my least favorite fruit. There I said it, its off my chest. But I still eat it. Even if I have to add a little sun butter to it...or chop it up in a lovely fall salad..  I still find ways to incorporate it into my diet. I don't have to harp on the nutritional aspects of an apple, because Im fairly positive most every body has been acquainted with that already. But as a health nut and an aspiring dietitian, I can say you don't have to always like something to eat it. There is so many creative ways to add certain foods to your diet. Hopefully when I get the time I can add some of my favorite recipes using these delicious apples from Jones Orchard.  Anyone in the mood for some apple pie? mmm.. ;)

Even if your not the biggest apple fan like me, you can still enjoy all the other aspects of apple picking. We treat it as a full family event..meaning our pup amos gets to come with us!:) its a big open field so we pretty much let him roam while rob carries the basket and helps us with picking the apples. He loves it! He probably wont like it forever so im trying to take advantage of these little moments while I can. I also have to point out that rob doesn't usually eat apples. I guess he takes after me. But ive noticed from the previous time and this time that he seems more eager to try them when he picks them himself. Is it not crazy how one simple thing can make all the difference in the world? My toddler is the pickiest eater, but when I allow him to learn about his food through hands on experience, he is much more likely to not only try but genuinely enjoy whatever he is eating. I love having places like this nearby where I can enjoy my family and watch my son bridge these 'food gaps.'

After gathering the apples, we then drive across the street to pay. Its a little farmers market type stand they have set up where you can purchase more of their goodies. They have a pretty nice size pumpkin patch off to the right which is fun to explore as well. Rob LOVES carrying the wagon and loading it up. We usually have to 'unload' as we go or else our house would be filled with hundreds of tiny pumpkins. haha. Its so fun to watch him. He was a little challenging near the end when he started to pick up on the fact that we were dumping some of his pumpkins. (we cant get anything past him anymore. haha) But overall it was a success. :)
see you next year, Jones Orchard!

Some more pics