Tree Farm!

Twinkling eyes
that perfect tree
Those fun tractor rides that almost make the whole trip
chasing my little, winding through all the beautiful trees
the smell of fresh pine
cozy winter clothes with just enough sun to kiss our face
hot cocoa
watching my little sip his hot cocoa like its the greatest thing since slice bread
coming home to decorate while jamming to Christmas oldies
Last but not least...

Sitting by my beautifully decorated tree late at night while blogging and studying for finals-all while wearing this ridiculous smile on my face. And no, it's not accounting that's making me grin ear to ear. It's this tree that is radiating all sorts of love and magic that only a three year old could give it. My three year old:) he labored hard with me over decorating this  tree and it just makes my momma heart so proud. 
these are just a few of my favorite things:)