December lately...

Can I talk for a sec about how grown my little guy looks??
Rob came to me the other day and asked me to take a pic of him with my nice camera. Then this photo happened and as I showed him the pic I just snapped of him (its like his new favorite thing-"i wanna see! I wanna see!")  I realized just how big my little boy had gotten. Its so weird how you see them everyday and somehow fail to notice those subtle changes that make them look older. Reason 5193940 that I love photos. Im so glad this little guy is taking after me in his love for photography!;)

This whole month has been a blur. And gosh has it flown by. However, we have had so much fun and thanks to cameras I can prove it!:) merry Christmas!

Sippin hot cocoa on our polar  express ride. this pose was all robs idea!

Sugar cookies for dinner. Why not?

This golden ticket is in very good hands:)

Starry nights
"Hey rob.. smile for the camera!"
"Sure mom!" haha
already such a ham.

hot cocoa and smores with nona and poppy!

smores kit:)