Beauty from Ashes.

 Its that time of year again! Were a little late but we finally got around to preparing our garden for the season. Were going on our third year, so..
hopefully the past two have taught us enough to get a lovely summer harvest. Nothing feels more rewarding than growing your own food. Its also nice to see rob involved with the garden. My mama heart was swollen with pride when I saw him trying to plant the veggies and herbs. We bought him some mickey mouse gloves and as soon as he put them on, he went to town! I hope he stays this enthusiastic throughout the whole season. I could definitely use the extra pair of hands;)

On a side/more personal note- It was so nice being able to focus on nothing but my family today. After mamaw passed, I had to jump right back into school. And of course, in only two short days.. i had missed 3 exams and was behind on a whole host of other assignments. To make a long story short, I chose to stick with it instead of throwing my hands in the air (i was so tempted to quit!)  so the last two weeks have been normal school craziness times 10. Ive been doing my best to pick up the pieces and salvage what I can of this semester. Its been hard. One day I was at school with classmates from 9 am to 1 the next morning studying for an Organic Chemistry exam. When I came home my sweet babies were of course already asleep. It just makes me want to cry sometimes thinking about the time Im missing out with them. I know mawmaw would want me to finish this semester out strong though, so Im giving it all i have!

Planting our garden this year was different.  I watched my son play with flowers and pretend to plant our garden which brought me so much joy. I laughed and spent time with my husband which has been SO rare the past months. And then it came time to plant. As I was doing that a flood of emotions and a strong sense of clarity possessed me. The garden became a symbol of Gods love and his ability to create beauty from ashes. He commands us to cast our burdens at the foot of the cross..and as mawmaw would say.."Don't ever pick them up again." As I planted my different vegetables, I reminded myself of this and realized it was time to bury my struggles and pain that came from these last couple of months.  Im leaving my burdens at the cross and moving on. I have no idea how this will all be harvested, but I am aware and ok with the fact that Im not in control of that. Its my job to continue forward and find the beauty in all things. So thats what I'm doing.

Some more pics