Woohoo i made it to 26! I have passed the quarter century mark where according to my sisters, both 27 and 36, everything just goes down hill from here. Ive always been a half glass full girl though so I'm gonna remain optimistic and say that my best days are still ahead;) 

This year cal and i decided to keep things low key and celebrate by trying a new restaurant and then hanging with my sisters and mom. After losing my grandmother and going through this hellacious/ soul beating semester, i couldn't think of any other way to celebrate than to relax and spend time with the ones i love most. It just makes the most sense. We had a long night with good food, good drinks, and laughter that resulted from ridiculous stories being told from my oldest sister and my mom. Since Charlotte is about 10 years older she always has the upper hand when it comes to embarrassing stories of me and my other sister,  Kathryn. Its so not fair that we were too young to see her embarrassing teenage moments, but thats life! Especially life with sisters, which i wouldn't trade for the world:) 

Cheers to 26!