What I Eat..According to my iPhone!

Its no secret that iPhone photography ( I feel so fancy calling it that! lol) is something that i have become quite obsessed with. Im gonna be honest and say that this obsession mainly has to do with the fact that its so easy! ha. Don't get me wrong..
I love taking pics with my real camera but I'm just not sauve enough yet to use it for every day things such as meal time. Its soooo much easier taking photos on my phone and then directly loading them! Most of the photos from this post are on my instagram, but i still feel like it would be a lot of fun for me to add them on here. Its a little conglomeration of foods that i consume on a regular basis.
Its everything from vegan options to vegetarian to gluten to paleo, etc.  Yes, i eat everything! Im obviously not going to call myself or label myself as any of those things, because i don't personally believe its necessary to limit or restrict any food group unless specified by a doctor or registered dietitian. Of course if you find healing and happiness through a specific diet/lifestyle then kudos to you! We are all unique and the beautiful thing about food in our day and age is that there are plenty of options to choose from!  I will never discourage someone from finding something that works for them. I personally strive everyday to choose whole foods, no matter where its sourced, to fuel my body and give it the love it deserves! So below are a couple of photos that illustrate what i eat on a daily basis. These are things that work for me and my family:)

This is muesli! bobs red mill muesli is my favorite right now if anyone is looking for some good muesli. I usually find it at kroger or whole foods. I pair it with PLAIN greek yogurt or kefir and fresh bananas for a good prebiotic. I also added peanut butter to help make this dish a complete protein. If it needs to be sweetened more then i usually add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Either is fine and makes it taste fantastic! Pictured with it is a shot of espresso w/ cinnamon. NOM!

A little butternut squash hash with some sauerkraut. Seasoned right and i promise this is a great quick meal while doing work. 

preparation of butternut squash hash. roasted the squash with some leftover chard that i had in the house. I drizzled it with olive oil and then sea salt and pepper.

THIS is a favorite and one of these days I'm going to share this recipe in full detail on the blog. I randomly created it when i was in the kitchen one day and realized that i had stuff to make a stew but then also had some canned coconut milk to make my delicious coconut soup. (thai coconut soup is one of my favorite things) So i ended up making both..i call it Thai coconut stew inside an acorn squash. Its pretty delish!

Rob loves rice cakes. I don't know why but a typical PB&J on sandwich bread doesn't always do it for him. So i bought these rice cakes to start playing around with and he loved it! i just slather some peanut butter and jelly on top of it and voila!  The one pictured above is a snack i made for myself... Its peanut butter, yogurt, honey, chia seeds, and pomegranate seeds slathered on a rice cake. Pretty yum! and a great option for those with celiacs.

another dinner time favorite:) i know this won't be for everyone but pictured above is liver and onions. I bought the liver at my local farmers market. (i typically only eat meat from my local farmer) Its a nostalgic dish for me. I grew up eating liver so its absolutely something i continue for my family. Its packed with so many wonderful nutrients! a true energy booster!

Raw girls avotoast with mustard, arugula, and tomatoes. Raw girls is a food truck i use to stop by whenever  i was in between classes. I can't do them all the time because they are quite pricey. But every once in a while i treated myself to some good food!:) 

Raw girls chia seed pudding.
Baked brussel sprouts with dijon mustard and honey! DELISH! rob will eat them as a snack too which is a total plus.

Breakfast of champs anyone;) oatmeal from scratch with cinnamon , maple syrup, butter, and chia seeds.
Egg with Sea salt, pepper, basil, and thyme. Ezekiel bread toast to soak up the egg yolk ( another nostalgia thing:) and then some bananas! 

baked avocado with and egg inside topped with salsa and then a little radish salad; sliced radishes with basil and olive oil or vinaigrette of choice

spaghetti squash spaghetti! 

its no secret that avo toast is my favorite!! This ones a little different though. I ran out of butter and decided to add cream cheese. I had some fresh dill that i added to it as well as some pepper flakes. Then of course avo on top! one of my favorites!

Lentils and beef stew i made.

tomato soup from babalus! 

rice cakes from babalus!