Today in Colorado

After a rough morning that included an awkward altercation between me and an airport security lady and a fun but exhausting plane ride with my cranky and SUPER tired toddler, we finally (hallelujah) made it to denver.
Once in the city we were down right ready to change clothes and relax before hitting downtown. But when does life ever go exactly how we plan? ;) We were told by the front desk of our hotel that we were not allowed to check in until 3pm. We glanced at our watches and saw that it was only 8:30 am. Oh boy. Soo we hit the town a little earlier than expected but we rose to the occasion. (All three of us!) I was so proud of Rob, because he was obviously the person that i figured would be having the hardest time. But nope... he declared multiple times that he wanted to walk and not be pushed. Which kind of sucked because we brought a big heavy stroller for nothing. bleh. It was also kind of awesome though to see him be so independent and willing to 'hang' with us. It probably also didn't help that i bought him a little disposal camera for this trip. The kid is obsessed with taking pictures! (mamas boy all the way:) He loved walking so that he could see things and become eye level with whatever it was he felt was worthy of a pic, which usually consisted of either pigeons or bugs. lol! He was just in awe of everything around him today which makes me so happy.  Its so fun and just makes my mama heart burst with joy to see him be so inquisitive about everything.  I know he's young, but i hope somehow someway he's taking these moments all in and burying them deep inside to hold onto forever. I know i am.

Thanks Denver, for an awesome first day!