Today in Colorado

Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rock Trail

What a gorgeous day! We planned on visiting the red rock amphitheater, but it was closed due to a concert so we hiked the trails instead.
Our first stop was a little place called dinosaur ridge where rob got to play and read about different dinosaurs. This little guy is constantly surprising me with the amount of random information he knows. Off to the side of the building (pictured below) was a dinosaur statue. When we got out of the car rob said.."Oh look its a triceratops you guys!" We were like what!? I asked cal if thats what it really was. He googled it and then confirmed that it was indeed a triceratops. yes we googled. But my son didn't! so we have to be doing something right! haha. Its true what they say about little ones just being sponges. I just hope he continues to absorb the right things!

After dinosaur ridge, we hiked red rock trail. Thats where things got interesting. It wasn't a long trail by any means..but with a 30 lb toddler strapped to your back and trying to adjust to the thinner air was something else. At one point I thought my heart was going to explode. (not a fun feeling) Cal and I finally realized that we were not allowing our bodies the time to get acclimated to the altitude difference. I consider us both to be relatively fit people and were just so use to flying through hiking trails so we were not use to that feeling at all. But as soon as we slowed down we began to enjoy the scenic view (without our hearts beating out of our chests) and just had a great time. We even saw a couple of deer prancing around right in front of us. So lovely. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! 

some more pics..