Today in Colorado

Look out Mountain and Denver Aquarium 

Another great day in this awesome city! I feel like such a wimp admitting that altitude sickness got the best of me again though. On our drive to look out mountain we reached about 7500 ft. My stomach immediately started turning and those horrible pressure headaches struck once again. Then it was time to step out of the car and every muscle in my body started quivering.
I kind of had a little break down in the car with cal about how its so frustrating to feel sick at such low altitudes. I just thought my body would handle it better than this considering how much i run. But fitness from what i have learned doesn't have much to do with it. Everybody just acclimates differently. We drove back down to 5000 ft to get some lunch and i chugged 2 bottles of water. When we made the drive back up again i just focused on my breathing (said a few prayers) and voila! sickness was gone. I was still a little queasy, but my body had completely adjusted. Im still learning how to listen and trust this body of mine. Its not the strongest in the world, but its the one God gave me. He chose this vessel for me and its my job to respect it and appreciate if for what it is. After all, its the one that gave me the most beautiful little boy a mother could ask for.  And I'm just so glad he is here with us seeing all of Gods creations.

Some more pics of the day