Today in Colorado

Last day
Our last day included a hike to dream lake and emerald lake after hearing of how beautiful it was thanks to some Facebook friends of mine. They were so right! It was stunning.
Unfortunately though, Wednesdays are apparently one of the busiest days at the rockies so the place was packed! That and we got caught in a pretty decent storm once we made it to the top. It was so beautiful and majestic, but the lighting started getting serious and the temperature began to drop so we cut the scenic view short and headed back down. We waited for a bus and then stopped at a couple more places before heading back to the hotel. We packed our bags and got up at 5 in the morning to catch our plane back to memphis. It was a long day of traveling and i swear i still haven't recovered from the altitude sickness (bleh) but my heart is so full. I love these people of mine that God has blessed me with and Im so thankful I get to experience life and do fun things like this with them. As soon as i got back i made it my personal mission to develop some of my favorite photos. They are already in frames and are hanging on our travel wall and every now and then Rob will walk by and go.."look mom! snowy mountains!" It fills my heart with so much pride and joy to see him randomly point to the pictures and remember his time here. I can't wait to make more memories and share more adventures with these guys.

Colorado..you've been sooooo good. Until next time!

Some more photos