Today in Colorado

 Cub Lake...and a little trek on airway tram

2.4 miles sounded like nothing to us this morning when we decided to hike cub lake trail. Luckily Cal stopped at a family owned hiking shop to get a hat.
The man that owned the shop (super nice guy) asked cal what we were hiking and when we told him cub lake,  he recommended we buy trekking poles. Thank goodness we did because the trail was a lot rockier than we expected. It ended up being about 5 miles when we were done, even though it felt like 50 and i swear i could have ate an elephant i was so hungry! But my gosh, just when i think this place can't get any more gorgeous, it does. Every day my eyes are fed with Gods beautiful creation and these little hidden surprises at every corner; a stream running here, elk grazing peacefully off to the side, trees of all colors, shapes, and sizes, etc. The list could go on. Seriously Colorado, you are stunning.

Some more photos..