My Little Fish!

I have been trying desperately all night to upload the video from today of little man swimming. When I finally figure out how to do it, ill try and revisit this post. For now this will do! Im so proud of him that my mama heart could just burst.
I always felt bad for not signing rob up for swim lessons but the summers just tend to slip through our fingers. This summer has been no exception. I would see so many posts of all my friends and their little ones swimming their hearts out with a well qualified instructor. Deep down i would feel slightly guilty that i had never made the time to schedule lessons. You could only imagine my delight when I saw my son take off his puddle jumper and just go for it! Here i was worrying about my son not having any kind of swim lesson and there he was..free of any flotation device, but clothed with the confidence that often comes from the innocence of childhood. I know he had his fears and concerns in that moment,  but it never stopped him from taking the plunge. (literally) "Watch this, Mom!".. as he jumped off the stairs. My heart fell anxious as I watched his little body fully submerge under the water (which felt like the big open blue in the moment.)  But i held my breath with him and said a little prayer. I chanted in my head..come back up, come back up as if my words would somehow find their way down to him and lift his body to the surface. His head finally popped up for air and i was filled with so much emotion.

 I was so proud of him for letting go of his fears and just going for it. That moment also helped restore my confidence. Not in my own parenting techniques or ways, but confidence in this parenting journey all together.  Its moments like this that help wash out my fear of failure and encourage me to put all my faith and trust in the Lord. My flaws are covered by His Grace and I'm in awe of that. He is always taking care of us. I saw so much of His Grace shine through rob in that moment.  It was just too good not to document. 

Im so proud of you, Rob. You just amaze me everyday.