First Camping Trip

yowzers. Im like two weeks late on uploading our camping pics, but what was suppose to be a fun little family get away turned into a hellacious scramble at 12 in the morning trying to pack everything up and get home.
The stomach bug is going around and now that rob is in school we got our first dose of it. I still can't help but to find a little humor in the timing of it all. Imagine being an hour away from home in the middle of NOWHERE when your child starts violently puking all over your only sleeping equipment for the entire weekend. haha. yeah.  We thought at first he just ate too many smores.. a valid assumption if you could see how many marshmallows my tiny four year old can knock out. Its kind of amazing! However, that was not the case. He continued throwing up and we could just tell he didn't feel well. My husband who is very squeamish around puke ended up sleeping on the couch and I got the privilege of catching vomit in my hands in the wee morning hours when rob couldn't make it in time. My heart hurt seeing him in that much pain. But how naive I was to think I wasn't to follow. I ended up getting the bug too and was in so much pain I almost had cal take me to the hospital. The vomiting was one thing, but the body aches were something else! The doc told us that the older we get the harder things like this hit us. I would say so. 26 years young and I've never felt the effects of aging until now. whew. 

 Anywhoo..were all on the mend now and as traumatic as things may sound the moments we did get were so peaceful that we were planning our next trip right then and there. Were obviously gonna have to hold off for now haha. But I don't regret for one second us getting out there. The moments that were good were soooo good. There is something magical about camping that takes you away from all of life's distractions and allows you to focus solely on the things that are most important. Its unbelievably therapeutic and the time, even though small, that i got with my family will be treasured forever. love these people of mine so much it just hurts. Hopefully the second go around will have a better outcome but I'm still holding all the memories from this trip close to my heart.