Mother Son Day Date


Everything my heart and soul needed is the best way I could describe today.  I originally planned for us to meet up with a friend and her littles, but that fell through so the day ended up belonging to just the two of us! I was more than okay with that.

Its been a long time since we have had a day like this to ourselves so it was very special. The weather was amazing too which was a plus!  Usually the heat is overbearing this time of year, but today it was just right and allowed for us to have lunch on the patio. Rob ordered his usual and played a game called "count all the cars that drive by!" ☺ LOL! Luckily, he stopped at car 27. I think he realized he was in over his head with that one!🙈

After lunch, we hit up a local bookstore. It was my plan to take him to all the local bookstores in the area including the public library, but our day was cut short with some unfortunate news. One of our old dogs, higgins, passed away. She lived a long life, but of course it was still sad to see her go. Rob and I bought a few books at Burkes book store, played a little at CMOM, and then headed to our Nona and Poppys to bury higgins and say our final goodbyes.

That part of our day of course wasn't fun. I have so many memories with higgins that transport me back to a time in my life that is so different from today. As sad as I am to see her leave, I am thankful for the season of life I am in now and all the blessings I have including this precious soul that God has given me. Life is fleeting and the moments that matter the most are the ones spent with those we love. I truly believe that. Which is why this day was just so good to my soul.

Love spending time with you, Rob! You are so fun and just amaze me everyday with how much you are learning and growing. You will never know how much joy you genuinely bring me. I am looking forward to many more carefree day dates with you this summer.

Love you so!
XO- Mom

How handsome is he?!!

Had to get one with the hat!

Pic courtesy of Rob.

and of course this one too. Its funny seeing what catches his eye. Its random to us, but theres a purpose to him! 

They had the most awesome book about the human body that was informative but also appropriate for this age. Rob was so enticed by it!  I have a feeling this guy is going to be a scientist or doctor one day!

he was pretending to check his books out on the 'cash register'

Grocery shopping at CMOM. His favorite thing to do there which just blows my mind lol

Decisions Decisions!