Family bike ride!


Today was hot! It was almost too hot for a bike ride, but luckily our trails were shaded and the wind from the river offered some relief from the heat. I am so glad we braved this weather though because today was also so much fun!

Our bike ride started at wolf river, off of humphrys blvd. We biked from there to chick fil a (about 2 miles) where we ate lunch. From there we hiked back to our truck where we packed up and headed to big river crossing. I linked the website so click HERE  if you want to check it out . I HIHGLY recommend it! Its not too long or too difficult and is something that the whole family can enjoy. You can actually rent bikes when you get there too so its not something that you have to have your own bike for. You can even walk if you would prefer that ;)

But I really need to brag on both my boys for a second. First off- Rob did so good. I know without a doubt that his ability to hang with us is largely due to his awesome dad who is constantly taking us to do fun things like this. I am so thankful that I married a man who genuinely enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. He uses his days off to show our son how physical activity doesn't have to be limited to the inside of a gym. Not that a gym is bad of course, but I love how cal is always integrating physical activities into our every day life. He makes it something that all three of us can enjoy together as a family which I sincerely love.

Now to brag on Rob :)  This kid biked almost 6 miles with us in the middle of June! We brought water and I of course made sure that he stayed hydrated but Im still in awe of his little tiny body! He never once complained. Instead, he did whatever he could to keep up with dad. He 'oohed' and 'awed' at sights and views that I would point out to him. He soaked it all in and genuinely enjoyed every minute like a true explorer! My mama heart was so proud.💙

Some more pics