A short and sweet visit.

Ahhhhhh :) ... is how I feel after leaving my grandparents in Alabama. Completely relaxed and rejuvenated, and maybe just a couple pounds heavier. (What can I say?? My grandmother knows how to cook!) And you best believe we don't miss a meal when were in town. I know I say it all the time, so bear with me, but I so deeply in my heart feel like the luckiest woman alive; Especially when it comes to this aspect of my life. I sometimes struggle with whether or not I should write about it, simply because I want to be sensitive to those who may not have grandparents, or who may have just lost theirs. (my condolences to any who is in either category) But, at the same time, I feel it is only appropriate that I recognize this blessing God has given me in my life. My grandparents have been so actively involved our lives. The memories I have with them are so vivid, and will last me a lifetime. Some of these memories include:
  1. The way the house smells. I could close my eyes right now and smell that scent anywhere:) You know how some houses have special smells??  not just a.. 'I lit a candle' or 'sprayed the house with glade' type smell. no, this was a deeper, more robust, yet delicate at the same time kind of smell. A smell that had settled into every fiber of the house over the years,  Which I have come to find out is most likely due to all the antique wood furniture they have. You just don't get that smell anywhere else.
  2. The way the floor creaks. Ahh... this is one, just like the scent, is another memory I can shut my eyes and easily go back to. My grandmother had (its in my possession now) a beautiful cabinet that contained her delicate china. Whenever you passed, the floor would creak just a little. It would then send a tiny vibration to the china cabinet, causing the glass to softly chime together. That sound is sealed in my heart forever. It is music to my ears.
  3. The way fresh bacon and eggs smell in the morning. And the way my grandmother greets you with a cheerful "Good Morning!" :)  Need I say more?
  4. The walks my Papaw and I would have at 6 in the morning. We would take 3 mile walks every morning. ( I was about 15) and he would talk to me the whole time; About life, Business, The stock market. Things he was passionate about:) I love that about him! I wish so badly I could go back and re-listen to everything he told me. to pay more attention...because Im sure it would pay right about now! But I was young, and totally oblivious to the world. And was just walking with my papa...listening to his voice; which made me happy. I love him!
  5. Shopping with my mawmaw.... That woman knows how to shop! She has always been such a free spirited, fun loving person. I remember one trip with her, I couldn't stop staring at these gold shoes. I was just in love with them! But me, growing up with 4 siblings, was used to waiting until Christmas or a birthday to receive a present. But Nope! not with Mawmaw! She picked those bad boys up and said... "You like? well throw em in there!" haha... shes always trying to make us grandkids happy. not just with shopping, but with everything. My grandmother has inspired me in so many ways. She is a selfless person with a heart of gold. Always serving others, whether its grandkids, her kids, papaw, or people from the red cross. She never stops. I love her!
I had one more to add to the list, but I figured that could be another blog post. I think ive done enough writing for now. :) I hope I gave a little bit of justice to how wonderful these two people truly are!
                                                    Snippets from our week