I never in a million years expected to hear so many words from my child this early. He will be 19 months in a couple weeks and boy... He's got a lot to say! (He doesn't get that from me! :p)  Some of it it makes sense, some doesn't, but regardless, it's all adorable!! So I just have to post about it. I got this idea from a blogger I follow who post 'isms' for her 3 yr old. I thought... "Wow, what a great idea!" So without further ado, I present.. 

1. By far his favorite thing right now is keys. Keys! Keys! Keys!!  It drives us bonker at times, but because the obsession has become unbearable for him, he has now learned how to form a full sentence! "I won't kayeeees!" <- yea we hear that about 20 times a day. :) 

2. "Nooooooooo" I personally believe it's his favorite word. He uses it all the time!  It's hard to be mad though. He says it far more adorable than writing it in a blog can justify! 

3. Now this one has to be my favorite: "I won't mammy." After I melt to butter, I pick him up. He then realizes I wont give him what he wants (usually someone's keys) so then he says... "I wont dah-dee" little stinker. 

4. "Miiinnee" over anything and everything. 

5. "Bah-bay" or "Bay-bee" whenever we see a baby.  Sometimes it's even... "Muh bah-bee" meaning, 'my baby.'  not yet bud! 

6. When dancing to music: his arms are moving, butt is twisting, head bouncing around and then the song cuts off. He lets out a huge "uuhh-ohh!!" Then gasps loudly while making a similar face to the picture above! Haha- it leaves us laughing every time! So I'll just leave y'all with that visual;) 

Happy Monday!